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Grafixpol is a duo: Kasia Worpus-Wrońska and Jan Worpus-Budziejewski. We live and design together. Grafixpol was born out of love for pure, simple forms. The core of our designs are harmony, intellectual sensitivity and lateral thinking. We are open to lifestyles and new trends in the world of culture and art, while always remaining true to ourselves.

Since 2009 we have been involved in creation of unique, exceptional books, visual identities, posters, logo designs, and interactive solutions. These have set our clients apart and significantly attributed to their brand’s recognition. For complex projects, we cooperate exclusively with people sharing our passion. We design for everybody, who shares our perspective: institutions, artists, ngos, companies and corporate clients, internationally as well as locally.

Let’s work together.

Kasia Worpus-Wrońska – MFA in Graphic Design at Academy
of Fine Arts in Lodz and BA in Animation at College of Computer Science in Lodz. Student internships in Graphic Design and in Photography at Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava. Internships at French design agencies Carré Noir and Undo-Redo in Paris. Since 2009 runs Grafixpol visual communication studio.
Jan Worpus-Budziejewski – MA in History of Arts at University
of Lodz, BA course at European Academy of Photography in Warsaw. Internship at Leica Gallery in Praque. Since 2009 runs Grafixpol visual communication studio.

Muzeum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów
The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
Museum of Art in Łódź
Herbst Palace Museum
Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź
-solo exhibition Work in Progress...; 26 April – 31 August 2018, Kielce Design Institute
-TYPE+TEXT→Year of the Avant-garde / poster exhibition; October–November 2017; Museum of City of Lodz
-exhibition of typographic posters TYPE + TEXT; 2nd June-2nd July 2017; Centrum Spotkań Kultury, Lublin
-exhibition of typographic posters TYPE + TEXT; 18-22 October 2016; HuaQiao museum, China
-exhibition of Polish posters during Water Tower Art Fest, 16th June–07th July 2016
Water Tower Art Fest, Sofia, Bulgaria
-III Muzeum Widzialne; honourable mention in book category; Warsaw 2017
-Honourable mention for "Karl Dedecius. Literature–Dialoque–Europe" exhibiton in competition for
best museum event in Poland – Sybilla 2016, Warsaw 2017
-I National Competition of Albums and Art Catalogues; honourable mention in a leaflet category, Warsaw 2011
-Faces of Design Awards 2010, Berlin 2010
-TYPE + TEXT exhibition catalogue, 2017
-Exhibition Art-Graphics and Space Design, Sandu Publishing, 2016, Cover Awarts 2013: Grafixpol, December 2013, resources – design, 2013
-Print control yearbook, 2013
-Curiosity – that is an answer! About visual language, creativity, trends and design.
Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design, 12.05.2014
-Culture Animation Incubator. Visual identity in cultural institutions. Workshop,
Lublin, 13-14 October 2012
-Horizontal projection 03 – Dialogues about graphic design, Owoce i warzywa, 26th of April 2012
-Revolution, Transformation, and Identity: Central European Artists Reflect upon Post-Communist Art, Urbanism, and Culture. Presentation and discussion. 30 October 2011, Graham Foundation, Chicago
-Content, meaning and form. Editir’s Conference – Text-Material-Creator, 11th October 2011

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